Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Village Time

Greetings to all!

We arrived safely in Chiang Mai on the 7th and we are getting ready to head out to the village today. God has been extremely gracious already and we look forward to His continued provision. A quick re-cap of our time thus far:

The plane ride went smoothly and we landed in Chiang Mai around 9am on the 7th. Customs was different this year and they scanned every bag we had and therefore selected several for further search... not ideal! After a chaotic 10 minutes we were through and they didn't take anything from us.

I ended up sitting next to a Christian man that was flying from Sweden to meet with the Karen Baptists leaders... needless to say, we hit it off and had a great talk. He knows Mike Mann and his ministry and we bonded very quickly. He ended up helping watch out things while customs was looking through our bags (which was incredibly helpful) and we were able to return the favor by giving him a lift to the Karen Baptist headquarters when his ride didn't show... God's sovereignty is fun to watch.

After that, we went to the ITDP offices and met with Mike and some of the staff. All is well and will be going according to the original plan:

We will leave today and get to the village tonight. It is an 8 hour drive if we don't stop, so it will certainly be an all-day event. The rainy season seems to have come early and the river we have to drive through is a bit high as a result, but they think it will subside by the time we get there. One of the missionaries called the office and requested boots for the villagers as there have been a lot of green snakes that prove a nuisance when they cut down the brush for various projects... joy!

The pastor from Ma Oh Jo is supposed to join us on this trip as well as a couple other staff members from ITDP. We will meet with the leaders tonight to go over our plans for teaching, what works best for their schedules, etc. We are planning on coming out of the village on the 21st and I fly home the next day.

Please be praying for Jessica and Mya. Mya is feeling well and adjusting to the heat, but she gets dizzy on long car rides. Pray that she is healthy and ready to translate.

Jessica has been dealing with various health issues since we arrived and needs your prayers. Her feet were severely swollen from the plane ride and heat and it kept getting worse so that walking was a bit difficult. We took her to the hospital to make sure there were no blood clots, but an ultrasound showed that there were not, so she is fine to go to the village. This morning, her fibromyalgia started bothering her some more, but she was able to take some pain medication to help her through the day.

I am feeling great and would just like your prayers as I teach and try to lead the team. Pray that I am understanding to everyone that is here and that I have wisdom as difficult situations arise.

I will be posting an update when we return from the village in about 12 days. Thanks to all for your support and prayers. We are expecting God to do great things on this trip and desire to see Him glorified and the villagers grow in their knowledge of and love for Christ.'

With gratitude,

Dan, Jessica, and Mya


Brian and Sus, servants of the most HIGH said...

Thanks Dan for posting this! Praying for you and the team and the people you will impact!
In Him,
The Kinleys

Anyoungerone said...

It's Richard from UCSD's Engineers for a Sustainable World! We will be arriving there next week, I can't wait! BTW, Thanks for blogging.

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